About Us

ACM was founded in 2003 to fill a gap in the market which was the absence of a Training and Consulting Company that specializes in all aspects of the Automobile sector.

Being more flexible and less costly then the traditional consultants, while maintaining a high technical level and commitment to the projects in which it works on, ACM clearly meets the needs of various companies of all sizes. Nowadays, ACM works mostly with European customers that also have strong interest in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Fruit of some of our customers’ business diversifications and the globalization of business needs in different areas, the ACM has long ceased to be limited to the Automobile sector. Other Sectors like Banking, Pet Food Industry, Recreational Boating, Software, Media and Hotel Services are now part of our consulting and/or formation projects.

Our corporative identity is based on two key points:

- We will work in a project as if it is our own and the most important of them all.

- All of our known tools and all of our networking personnel are always available to help developing the concerned Project.

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