To ACM the training of people is a serious subject. Why?
Because we are dealing with people.

We are providing them with knowledge and tools so that they can improve. When we ask (instill) that they change behaviours and attitudes that are engraved in their DNA, but that professionally are disadvantageous, and therefore disadvantageous to the organizations they represent, the matter is even more serious.

The group and team work, nowadays, is critical to achieve success in the organizations. Training in these areas can shift the group dynamics which can make the same team produce more and in better quality.

Just like there are no two people alike there aren’t two organizations that have exactly the same needs. Before this reality, we draw and provide training solutions that “fit”, which are innovative, interactive and with a high component of simulated practice. If it is appropriated we will also perform training in a “real life” environment.

In the organizations where business dimension or specificity justify it, we develop stage one Training Academies. This implies a clear and accurate identification of the needs and objectives of the training program, so that we can develop a whole structure of modular courses and their contents.

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