Coaching is not always well understood, let alone welcomed by some managers. There are only two possible explanations for this: by ignorance, or natural cultural issues.

We will start with the last. In some cultures, like the Asian, where the elder has a high weight in the family and business hierarchy, he assumes the coach’s figure. Therefore it’s frowned upon to place a middle-aged coach next to a manager/decider no matter how technically gifted he may be. Unlike western societies, the experience acquired through the years of hard work is valued and the elder is, culturally, the coach.

But what use does the coach have in the modern organizations?

A coach exists to help/support individuals or groups to achieve their objectives. Rather than helping on “how to make”, the value of the Coach is in the support on “Which the most appropriate behaviour is”. Augmenting the “Impact” of a leader or the efficiency of a director is a Coach’s challenge.

Coaching is also a very important instrument in the consolidation of the tools acquired during the training.

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