By definition, Consulting is:
"Acting in an advisory capacity on professional matters".

This is not what ACM does... so exactly what do we do?

We help other organizations to realize their current situation (starting point) and, before the surrounding business environment and its tendencies, point out the future situation they should look to achieve (the last stage). The path that the organizations go through to reach the “last stage” is, often, hard, full of traps and, sometimes, demotivating. The definition of a Plan change, made to fit each project, taking into account any change in attitudes and behaviours at all levels of the hierarchy, is an indispensable tool for success.

Implementing a development process of an organization is like repairing a moving train. An enterprise cannot stop to change; therefore, there is sometimes the need of what we call an “active consulting” so that we can achieve the empowerment of a team or “shape up” another. Meaning that if the decision makers of the organizations are in agreement, our role will be of managers, sales managers, group leaders, directors of after-sales and so on.

The situations mentioned above put us in a position that is not appreciated by many since we left the comfort of the “Know how” and moved to the discomfort of the “I am doing”. To us, however, both are positions of absolute comfort!

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